About Betashed

BetaShed.com is a free press publication portal, especially for startups, gaming- and tech-companies to distribute their information and press releases. It is not about only putting up the updates and information on a single, stand-alone press portal (there are enough out there of such kind). It is more about dynamically distribute the specific piece of info to own and new contacts and connect the content with people, who are interested in it.

What is different at BetaShed.com?

We have developed a very specifc “Track & Trace” Content Analysis. By our distinguished semantic search we analyze content from known contacts for specific keywords, topic relations and semantic context to be able to target those contacts with the content they are most frequently connected to. In specific, by that we know for example that Mr XYZ is mainly focusing in this produced articles or blog posts (content) on market topics in West Ohio. So, everytime there is a new information regarding news from West Ohio we automatically can provide Mr XYZ with such news and can be sure, that this is of interest to him. And the other way around he knows that those news migth apply to his specific field of interest and work.

The other way around we are able to quickly identify new content producers, bloggers, authors and journalists depending on the topics and stories they write about on twitter, facebook, their blog or in newspapers. This helps us to grow the network for every specific topic very fast and guarantee a high quality of content distribution. No spam + more relevance = better visibility.

Currently, we are optimizing the whole processes and deploy this for BetaShed.com as a content distribution platform. But the possibilities and various ways of such tool are nearly endless 😉 We will let you know…

What is my advantage?

BetaShed.com allows the publisher to target the right people at the right moment in a most efficient way, without the need of having your own pile of costly bought contacts and press databases.

Feel free to share your news, your information, your story. Get out there and make the people know about you. But what we can’t automatize for you is to follow the main rules of quality content. Therefore, we pinned down some helpful hints here to provide you some support with that:

To help you in writing a good piece of information, we give some tips here:

– Answer the most important questions in the first paragraph: Who are you? What are you doing? Why is this something special? What makes this interesting for your reader?

– Be precise and direct; Try to keep the length of your sentences to a maximum of 12 words. This makes it easier to read and understand them.

– Be up-to-date; try to put your news in a current context. It should be clear and obvious to the reader, why the news is being published now and not tomorrow or next week. Timely relevance!

– Try to provide quotes, links to sources/services/products (IF USEFUL)

– No advertising content, no pr bullshit, no link-buidling, no content marketing or such stuff

– Stay focused on your news; Don’t start explaining the whole history behind the company, if it doesn’t relate to your news.

– Give your reader something useful: Some good advice, some hint, something the can forward / share / makes them smarter.